Post Acute, Transitional and Rehab Providers

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Professional referral sources are demanding evidence-based outcomes, while consumers are demanding hospitality-like concierge services. Have you mastered the right communication and touchpoints for both? The fast-changing post acute landscape demands up to the minute information on best practices and leading edge information on what makes a successful marketing and sales mix.

Master skills in workshop intensives

  • Professional referral strategies
  • Connecting with the consumer at point of need
  • Data and specialization communication strategies

Learn the latest marketing strategies in intensive, action-packed master classes

  • Integrated marketing: Leverage it before prospects pick up the phone
  • How strategic communication can drive your payor strategy
  • Mission-critical reputation management tactics
  • Customer relationship management collaboration

Gain the latest professional referral, post-acute sales strategies that include data-oriented, partner-focused selling

  • Hyper-local targeting for high-value lead generation
  • Communicating the right data mix for every partner
  • Digital body language—using it to turbo-charge sales
  • Gaining high-level access to post-acute bundle and ACO partners
  • What to do when professional referrals are not enough
  • Buyer predictability as a new game changer
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